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Code of Federal Regulations 29 CFR OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Searchable
Computer-Based Advisors and Training Tools FREE software and technical advisor tools from OSHA covering: Asbestos, Confined Spaces, elaws, Fire Safety, GOCAD, Hazard Awareness, Lead in Construction, Online Confined Spaces, Logging, Respiratory Protection, Silica, Lockout/Tagout, Safety Pays.
Electronic Publications Booklets and related publications available in electronic format.
General Industry Standards General Industry Standards courtesy of Safety
Guidelines For Employer Compliance OSHA advisory on how to comply with the Hazard Communication Standard
Homepage Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Hazard Communication The basic goal of a Hazard Communication Program is to be sure employers and employees know about work hazards and how to protect themselves
Inspection Procedures for the Hazard Communication Standard This instruction establishes policies and provides clarifications to ensure uniform enforcement of the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) - Paragraph (g)(8) [about half way down the page] covers electronic distribution of MSDSs.
Most Cited Violations of Standards List of standards which were cited by Federal OSHA for the specified SIC during the period October 1997 through September 1998. Penalties shown reflect current rather than initial amounts.
MSDS Requirements For Distributors From OSHA Standards Interpretation and Compliance Letters
50 Most Frequently Cited Standards 50 Most Frequently Cited Standards January 1,1990 to April 1, 1996.
News Releases News releases by month since June 1995
Online Complaint Form File an online complaint with OSHA about unsafe working conditions.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the European Agency for Safety and Health Joint Website A project of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and the US DOL, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The goal is to promote sharing of information on current safety and health topics of common interest.
Search Engine Search the OSHA web site
Site Index Alphabetic index of OSHA website
Small Business Handbook - Safety and Health Standards The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) for small business.
Small Business Information This page provides one-stop shopping for the most popular materials for small businesses from free on-site consultation to interactive computer software to technical information to easy-to-follow guides for specific OSHA standards. It also includes links to OSHA local offices and the Small Business Administration.
Table Z1 1910.1000 TABLE Z-1 Limits for Air Contaminants
Table Z2 1910.1000 TABLE Z-2 Toxic and Hazardous Substances
The Workers Page Information for workers on filing a complaint, and Right-To-Know laws.


NIOSH Homepage National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NIOSH Index of Chemical Names and Synonyms List of chemical names and synonyms includes CAS and RTECS numbers
NIOSH Chemical Occupational Safety and Health Databases A convenient pointer to prior published documents
NIOSH Chemical Safety and MSDS Selected topics from NIOSH
NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Indexed by chemical name, synonym, and CAS#
NIOSH Web Search Search the entire NIOSH website


EPA Homepage Environmental Protection Agency
CEPPO The Environmental Protection Agency's Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (CEPPO) accident investigation summaries.
EPA Chemical Safety Alerts EPA issues periodic "Alerts" which explain specific hazardous substance hazards that have become evident through their accident investigation efforts. Also lists EPA's Fact Sheets and Technical Bulletins
EPA Chemicals on Reporting Rules (CORR) - down-loadable database The CORR database contains information on chemicals which are regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), or section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).
EPA Envirofacts The Envirofacts Warehouse allows you to retrieve environmental information from EPA databases on Air, Chemicals, Facility Information, Grants/Funding, Hazardous Waste, Superfund, Toxic Releases, and Water Permits, Drinking Water, Drinking Water Contaminant Occurrence, and Drinking Water Microbial and Disinfection Byproduct Information (Information Collection Rule [ICR]).
EPA  IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System) List of 536 substances in alphabetical order
EPA Learn  About Chemicals Around Your House Tour of household chemicals for kids
EPA OPPT chemical Fact Sheets Fact sheets on chemicals in the environment.
EPA Significant Violators A list of facilities which are marked as being "High Priority Violators," "Significant Violators" or "Significant Non-Compilers" in two or more environmental laws as of May 2000.
EPA Web Search Search the entire EPA website


Centers for Disease Control  
Chemical Incident Reports Center Throughout the day, every day, the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) receives initial reports about chemical incidents that have occurred around the world. The information comes from official government sources, the news media, eyewitnesses and others.
Dept of Energy Environment, Safety and Health Information Portal The ES&H Information Portal is dedicated to making current information available to the Environment, Safety and Health professionals of the Department of Energy.
Dept of Transportation Office of Hazardous Materials Safety Responsible for coordinating a national safety program for the transportation of hazardous materials by air, rail, highway and water.
Office of the Federal Register  
State Government Links  
U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board Dedicated to industrial chemical safety and protecting workers, the public and the environment.


ABIH American Board of Industrial Hygiene
ACSWeb American Chemical Society
AIHA American Industrial Hygiene Association
National Safety Council Crossroads The National Safety Council's Crossroads Web site is an information-rich site designed specifically for the safety, health and environmental professional.  It includes a dedicated safety, health and environmental search engine along with data on injury statistics, hazardous chemicals, regulatory compliance, emergency response and workplace safety.
Society for Chemcial Hazard Communication  


AMI-NIOH Denmark National Institute of Occupational Health - Denmark
(ASOSH) Association of Societies for Occupational Safety and Health Gateway to Information on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in South and Southern Africa.
CANUTEC Canadian Transport Emergency Center
CCOHS Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety
CSIRO Division of Minerals Australian occupational safety and health requirements
Commonwealth of Australia National Occupational Health & Safety Commission requirements for review and re-issue of MSDSs
Danish EPA Miljo & Energi Ministeriet - Denmark
European Agency for Safety and Health, and The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Joint Website A project of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and the US DOL, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The goal is to promote sharing of information on current safety and health topics of common interest.
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health In English     In Finnish
Health and Safety at Work (Ireland) Health & Safety Authority, Dublin, Ireland
International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre The International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS) is a service of the International Labour Office in Geneva, Switzerland. It was established in 1959 with the aim of collecting all relevant information about occupational safety and health (OSH) being published around the world, whatever the format and the language.
International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre Legislative Database More than 3500 (as of 2001) laws, regulations and international legal instruments dealing with OSH matters in approximately 140 countries and international organizations.
JICOSH Japan International Center for Occupational Safety and Health (JICOSH)
JISHA Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association's purpose is to upgrade the standards of industrial safety and health by promoting voluntary activities by employers and other people concerned in the private sector, thus eliminating industrial accidents and occupational diseases and realizing high quality of life at work.
National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) The National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) is one of seven research institutes operated under the auspices of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. NIHS is responsible for conducting basic research to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of a wide range of products that directly and indirectly affect the populace.
NIA TNO, Niederlande TNO Work and Employment (formerly NIA TNO) is a service organization in the areas of innovation of work, organization and technology, and employment research. WHO Collaborating Centre in Occupational Health. Member European Association of National Productivity Centres.
Swedish National Institute for Working Life (NIWL) The National Institute for Working Life was formed in 1995, when the government gave it the mission of “pursuing and fostering research and learning, as well as conducting development projects concerning work, the working environment and relations within the labour market”.
The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) UK Europe's leading body for individuals with a professional involvement in occupational safety and health.
UNEP Chemicals UNEP Chemicals is the center for all chemicals-related activities of the United Nations Environment Programme. Our goal is to make the world a safer place from toxic chemicals.
WorkSafe Australia National Occupational Health and Safety Commission of Australia




Manufacturer's MSDSs     MSDS Databases     Software and Services    Info


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