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By some accounts, MSDSs are the second-most common business forms in use internationally, second only to the commercial invoice. [Click For More

OSHA cited Nestle Confections and Snacks of Fulton, NY, and proposed penalties of $62,450 for 27 alleged serious violations that included failing to label chemical containers with the identity of their contents. [Click For More

Company owner of Cooling Systems International (CSI), to spend 60 days in jail, pay a $100,000 fine and pay $125,000 in restitution for illegally disposing of toxic hot tank sludge and lead-containing toxins. [Click For More

RICHMOND, CA - Another release scares residents near the General Chemical plant after a suspicious white cloud comes precariously close to downtown neighborhoods. [Click For More

McKinney Towing of Baton Rouge, La., has agreed to pay a $400,000 fine and $80,000 in restitution for violating the Clean Water Act and the Oil Pollution Act by pumping a mixture of oil and water into the Mississippi River. [Click For More

The state agency in charge of protecting Florida's environment has allowed the dumping of millions of gallons of waste from a shuttered Manatee County phosphate plant into an aquatic preserve at the mouth of Tampa Bay. [Click For More

HARRISBURG, Pa.--The state House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill that would ban the sale of a potentially carcinogenic gasoline additive Methyl tertiary butyl ether, or MTBE, after 2003. [Click For More

The American Chemistry Council and the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Assoc. are sponsoring a free seminar series on Site and Distribution Security, Customer Awareness and Risk Communications. [Click For More

Pied Piper Pest Control Inc., of Silver Spring, Md., the company owner, and an employee, have been charged in a pesticide spill and face up to $700,000 in fines and up to two years in prison. [Click For More

U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao announced a new model to assist employers and employees in dealing with possible workplace exposures to anthrax. [Click For More

Car mechanics should avoid breathing in brake cleaner and products containing n-hexane, because the chemical is known to cause nerve damage, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [Click For More

The FDA says more than 50 deaths in seven countries are being investigated in connection with Baxter kidney dialysis filters with a chemical residue that appeared to have played a role in many of the reported deaths. [Click For More]  

A gas additive, MTBE — methyl tertiary butyl ether, found in water, fills a Rhode Island community with fear. [Click For More

World Trade Center -- Through Sunday, there have been 34 broken bones, 441 lacerations, more than 1,000 eye injuries and hundreds of burns, sprains and smashed fingers since the rescue-turned-cleanup effort began. [Click For More

HAWTHORNE, NJ -- Two 5-gallon drums of a highly combustible potassium permanganate ignited in a former metals factory undergoing cleanup. [Click For More

A California man has been sentenced to six months home detention and ordered to pay $70,055 in restitution for violating the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act by illegally disposing of hazardous waste. [Click For More

Thousands of soldiers have been mobilized to contain a massive cyanide spill in a river in central China, which is posing a health risk to local residents and farm animals. [Click For More

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator (EPA) Christie Whitman announced Wednesday that the new arsenic standard in drinking water will be 10 parts per billion (ppb), effective in 2006. [Click For More

The farming industry has welcomed the possibility of a simple finger-prick procedure to test whether farmers have been exposed to low-level organo-phosphate contamination. [Click For More

The U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Maine's Bath Iron Works, and proposed $201,775 in fines against the shipbuilder for a total of 50 alleged violations. [Click For More

While worries about anthrax are keeping public-health officials busy, Seattle has what most cities don't: a hazmat team that has helped develop national procedures for chemical and biological weapons. [Click For More

Toxic chemicals have been detected at levels exceeding federal safety standards in the soil and air around the still-burning rubble of the World Trade Center, according to documents compiled by the EPA. [Click For More

EPA Region 3 to Host Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Conference in Baltimore, MD December 10-13, 2001. The conference is expected to draw more than 1,600 participants from across the US. [Click For More]

This month the first mercury-detecting dog in the United States went to work in the schools of Minnesota. [Click For More

The National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH) will meet in Washington, D.C., on November 28, to discuss OSHA and NIOSH activities. [Click For More

EPA Administrator Christine Whitman said this week the risk of water contamination by anthrax or other biological or chemical hazards was small - 'That would take truckloads of anthrax'. [Click For More

Yes, there is an MSDS for Anthrax - If you're curious, this one is from  Canada's Laboratory Centre for Disease Control. [Click For More

EPA - Secondhand smoke is an environmental trigger of asthma, the cause of an estimated ten million missed school days for children in the U.S. 1 million children have asthma symptoms due to secondhand smoke. [Click For More]

The U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration will co-sponsor an outreach seminar in Dothan, Ala., Thurs., Oct. 18, for contractors whose employees are exposed to lead and silica dust. [Click For More

A former employee of Enviro-Comp Laboratories, Inc., of Baton Rouge, La., faces up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $250,000 for committing perjury involving accreditation by a state environmental agency. [Click For More

DETROIT -- Finney High School was to remain closed today after school officials ordered more than 1,700 students checked for mercury poisoning. [Click For More

Despite government assurances that the air is safe near the site of the devastated Trade Center, many are still worried about the environmental effects. [Click For More]

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, a public service organization dedicated to recycling rechargeable batteries, announced that any community may now participate in its program free of charge. [Click For More

Department of Transportation (DOT) is proposing to amend the HazMat Regulations to require shippers and carriers to retain a copy of each hazardous material shipping paper, or an electronic image for a period of 375 days. [Click For More

FEDERAL CASES SETTLED INVOLVING LEAD-BASED PAINT HAZARDS - The settlements by EPA will result in $328,000 in civil penalties and improvement projects in more than 16,000 apartments nationwide. [Click For More

Chemical drum turns up AWOL: Rocket-fuel additive vanished off truck in Rancho Cordova, California. [Click For More

An On-Site Emergency Response Planning Guide is available from the National Safety Council to help offices, manufacturers, and industrial operations update their disaster preparedness programs. [Click For More

A Utah man sentenced to five years imprisonment and ordered to pay $35,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to the unlawful disposal of hazardous waste. He dug a hole and placed a 55-gallon drum of methyl ethyl ketone it. [Click For More

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) today called for the preparation of our nation's public health laboratories to respond to biological and chemical attacks. [Click For More

Hazardous material carriers are stopped and checked in Ohio - Every truck with hazardous materials on board received a Level Three inspection by the State Highway Patrol in light of the recent terrorist attacks. [Click For More

An Indiana man has been sentenced to five months imprisonment followed by five months home confinement, and was ordered to pay $38,000 in restitution and a $5,000 fine for dumping gasoline into a sewer. [Click For More

The Government Accounting Office concludes that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have done little to act on their 1993 pledge to reduce pesticide use [Click For More

NEW YORK -- Nearly 180 OSHA staff members are providing safety and health assistance to rescue workers at the WTC disaster site OSHA is also testing daily for asbestos, silica, lead and other contaminants. [Click For More

WASHINGTON -- Attorney General John Ashcroft warned Tuesday there was a "clear and present danger" of additional terrorist attacks that could include trucks carrying hazardous chemicals. [Click For More

TOULOUSE, France -- Many people thought it was a terror attack. But the explosion that ripped through a chemical fertilizer plant killing 18 people and injuring 200, was most likely an accident, officials said. [Click For More

The air and drinking water are safe both in New York and around the Pentagon, according to the EPA, which has been monitoring levels of contaminates around the sites since last week's attacks. [Click For More

The levels of lead, asbestos and volatile organic compounds in air samples taken on Tuesday in Brooklyn, downwind from the World Trade Center site, were not detectable or not of concern. [Click For More

Our hearts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the rescue workers on site. We mourn you. We love you. We will not forget. God Bless America! 

Utica, KY - An ammonia leak forced authorities to shut down a Western Kentucky highway, caused vehicle accidents and sent seven people who inhaled the ammonia to a hospital in nearby Owensboro. [Click For More

U.S. health officials said that a plastic softener (DEHP) used in some medical bags and tubes could be harmful to people, but they have not seen any evidence of ill effects. [Click For More

The problem in Libby, Montana, is that the deadly residue was everywhere, spread throughout the town before its dangers were widely known. [Click For More

A neighborhood in Bossier City, Louisiana has some of the highest levels of chemical contamination, cancers and birth defects ever documented in the U.S., according to National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists. [Click For More

A worker sustained severe lacerations and chemical exposure after falling from a forklift into a 2,000-gallon chemical mixing kettle. [Click For More

A transformer released 10,400 gallons of transformer oil in Fairfax County, VA - cleanup under way. [Click For More

Children at Risk - Widespread chemical exposure to the 75,000 synthetic chemicals developed and released into the environment since World War II, threatens our most vulnerable population. [Click For More

Kenosha, WI - A Kenosha County meatpacking plant - the same plant where a worker was killed last week - was evacuated Wednesday night after an ammonia leak, a sheriff's official said. [Click For More

Maintenance workers were unknowingly exposed to extreme levels of poisonous thallium, up to 27 times the level that is considered permissible, while working on contract at a smelter. [Click For More

OSHA cites Berlin, Conn., Door lock manufacturer for 57 alleged workplace safety & health violations - $140,000 in Fines Proposed against Corbin Russwin, Inc. [Click For More

Construction crews at McClellan today plan to hoist a section of a mammoth tent that will enclose an extraordinary excavation site at the former Air Force base where a top-secret analytical laboratory operated for 50 years. [Click For More

A N.J. metals reclaiming firm's failure to protect its employees from exposure to toxic metals has resulted in a proposed fine of $102,000 by OSHA. [Click For More

A California man received 5 months in prison for illegally transporting hazardous waste consisting of crystallized picric acid, tetrahydrofuran and sodium metal without a hazardous waste manifest. [Click For More

Two men were sentenced to two years imprisonment and $1 million in fines afer they admitted intentionally releasing diesel fuel into a storm sewer to receive payment to clean up the releases. [Click For More

Federal authorities have charged a Paterson, NJ hazardous waste removal company with improperly disposing of tons of soil, contaminated with lead bullets from a Bergen County firing range, next to a school. [Click For More

HIGH POINT, NC -- A dairy was evacuated and 17 workers taken to the hospital after toxic vapors from hydrofluoric acid used for cleaning escaped into the air and spread throughout the plant. [Click For More

Liquid radioactive waste accumulated during the half-century of the Russian nuclear weapons program could drain into the Ural Mountains region's rivers with disastrous environmental consequences. [Click For More

.T. Eaton & Co. of Twinsburg, Ohio and two company executives were indicted for allegedly submitting falsified pesticide test results to the Environmental Protection Agency. [Click For More

Worldwide 328,767 occupational accidents will occur today, and 575 people will die from work-related injuries and illnesses. (from ILO Encyclopedia of OH&S, 4th edition) [Click For More

Baltimore, Maryland, the site of a recent large-scale accidental release, will be the co-host of the International HAZMAT Spills Prevention Conference on December 10-13. [Click For More

Chicago - A chemical spill from a tanker truck carrying azodicarbonamide shut down the Dan Ryan Expy., the CTA Red Line, and sent 17 firefighters to the hospital - 1500 people were evacuated from the area. [Click For More

OSHA sent letters to 14,000 sites notifying them that their injury and illness rates exceed those of most workplaces and encouraging them to take steps to reduce hazards and protect their workers. [Click For More

MAGNOLIA, Texas (AP) - A train hauling chemicals derailed in a heavily wooded area Sunday, causing some cars to leak the toxic chemicals acetic anhydrid and No. 2 ethylhexyl acrylate. [Click For More

Simpson Construction Company of Cleveland, TN, has been ordered to pay $867,320.83 in fines for illegally burning hazardous solvent and paint wastes in a pit at the company's facility. [Click For More

Baltimore - Residents were allowed to return to their homes Tuesday afternoon after a sodium borohydride chemical fire at a JAG Industries warehouse forced their evacuation. [Click For More

Martha Alls thought she'd never see the government pay for what it did to her father - a former worker at a uranium plant whose bones were found to contain 34,000 times the expected concentration of uranium. [Click For More

OSHA issues citations to the Granite City division of the National Steel Corporation with penalties totaling $101,000 for alleged violations of OSHA's recordkeeping, coke oven and benzene standards. [Click For More

OSHA cites contractor following a chemical fire which hospitalized workers afer they cut pipes which formerly carried the flammable chemicals toluene, cyclohexanone and methyl ethyl ketone. [Click For More

OSHA has reached a settlement with Lawter International, a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company, after a complaint from a contract employee that he was exposed to releases of hazardous boron trifluoride (BF3). [Click For More

The now-closed defense depot is contaminated with arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, trichloro-ethylene, carbon tetrachloride, pesticides, dioxin, chlorodane, PCBs and chemical weapons residues. [Click For More

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced today a national emphasis program aimed at reducing occupational exposure to lead, one of the leading causes of workplace illnesses. [Click For More

A Washington-area landlord will serve two years in prison and is subject to a maximum $250,000 criminal fine for each of six felony counts for failure to notify tenants of the presence and hazards of lead-based paint. [Click For More

BALTIMORE, July 19 — A freight train carrying hydrochloric acid and other hazardous materials derailed in a downtown tunnel and caught fire forcing officials to temporarily close all major roads into the city. [Click For More

DELAWARE CITY, Del. –– A fire and chemical spill at an oil refinery injured five people, left one person missing and released a cloud of toxic gas after a tank containing sulfuric acid spilled. [Click For More

Dozens of people were treated and released from hospitals, one day after they were exposed to the toxic gas arsine, when a valve was blown off a chemical plant tank. [Click For More

A rail car carrying 25,000 gallons of methyl mercaptan exploded, killing three people, injuring nine and forcing more than 2,000 others to evacuate their homes in a Detroit suburb. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Delphi Automotive Systems for violations with penalties of $85,000 for failing to provide proper respiratory protection and keep lead dust from accumulating within the plant. [Click For More

The number of toxic or hazardous sites requiring federal attention continues to grow, and Congress will have to spend $14 billion to $16.4 billion over the coming decade just to keep pace with the problem. [Click For More

Washington - The government had strong evidence 15 years ago of possible buried chemical weapons and dangerous ground contamination in an upscale section of the District of Columbia. [Click For More

One of the largest suppliers of drinking water on Long Island has sued Exxon Mobil Corp. for $2 billion in punitive damages over an MBTE gasoline additive spill at a now-closed Mobil station. [Click For More

Amid calls for increased regulation, the EPA announced that it has approved a plan calling for the pressure-treated wood industry to better inform buyers that its product contains arsenic. [Click For More

Clouds of red-orange fumes from a tanker truck that leaked 2,000 gallons of acid onto the Lake Forest oasis of the Illinois Tri-State Tollway caused the evacuation of 48 homes and businesses up to a half mile away. [Click For More

The EPA announced today that 36 chemical manufacturers have committed to providing information critical to evaluating the potential health risks to children from 20 commonly used commercial chemicals. [Click For More

The Canada geese in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, are so full of PCBs that if the city wants to get rid of the birds, it must treat them as toxic waste. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Bulkmatic Transport Company and proposed penalties totaling $59,000 after an employee was was sprayed with the acid while transferring sulfuric acid from a railroad car into a tanker truck. [Click For More

Crowds pack restaurants for lunch, art lovers browse trendy galleries and workers roam red-brick warehouses unaware that Kansas City's Freight House area has a contaminated neighbor in its midst. [Click For More

Approximately 600 to 700 workers at the General Motors Corp. Technical Center were evacuated after a chemical spill. [Click For More

Two New York men were sentenced to 28 months imprisonment for illegally dumping wastes and discharging acids into sewer systems while working for Tri-Electronics of Cheektowaga, N.Y. [Click For More

11,000 die of rare blood cancer each year - about 40% of myeloma patients probably got the disease from exposure to dioxins, which are often found in agricultural chemicals. [Click For More]

Poison PCs - Obsolete computers contain more than 1.2 billion pounds of lead. 70% of the heavy metals (including mercury and cadmium) found in landfills comes from electronic equipment. [Click For More

Prodded by concerns from residents and a government watchdog, a federal agency is planning a wide-reaching study of the effects the former Stauffer Chemical plant had on the environment. [Click For More

Candles put more than romance in air, tiny droplets or particles of soot and toxic chemicals emitted by the burning of the wick and wax can exacerbate respiratory disease. [Click For More

The Environmental Protection Agency is adding 10 new hazardous waste sites to the National Priorities List (NPL), and is proposing 10 new sites to be added. [Click For More

Richard Cantaluppi parked behind borough hall Tuesday afternoon to inspect a popping noise in his recycling truck and instantly dropped to his knees, overcome by fumes. Something discarded included hydrochloric acid. [Click For More]  

As few as two hours after being inhaled, tiny, invisible air pollutants can penetrate the lungs' natural defenses and may trigger a heart attack, says a new report. [Click For More

Two former Florida men who were sentenced on charges of illegally importing Freon (CFC-12) will serve two years imprisonment and be required to pay $500,000 to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). [Click For More

The American Hospital Association has terminated an agreement that aimed to cut by half the amount of waste hospitals produce by the end of the decade. [Click For More

Faced with growing public concern about the arsenic in pressure-treated lumber, manufacturers said they would do more to tell people that the wood contains a powerful pesticide and should be handled carefully. [Click For More]

Eating large amounts of PCB-laden fish from Lake Michigan impairs the memory and learning of adults, a new study has found. [Click For More

OSHA has cited cited Tarpon Springs, Fla.-based Damalos & Sons, Inc., and proposed penalties totaling $79,500 for violations relating to lead exposure found during an inspection of a bridge re-painting project. [Click For More

OSHA cited Empire Coke Co. and proposed penalties totaling $85,075 including $60,625 for failing to protect employees from overexposure to benzene, following January inspections at the Tuscaloosa, Ala., plant. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Valero Refining Co., in Corpus Christi, Texas with nine alleged safety violations and proposed penalties totaling $138,000, after two contract employees were exposed to hydrogen sulfide (H2S). [Click For More

OSHA has cited Berry Contracting LP (dba) Bay Ltd. in Corpus Christi, Texas, with six alleged safety violations and proposed penalties of $94,500 following an employee death from exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide. [Click For More

After pinpointing a naturally occurring cyanide in the deaths of more than 500 foals in Kentucky's horse country, scientists are now focused on proving their theory and preventing a future outbreak. [Click For More

What Americans don’t know is that the U.S.'s 4,000 shooting ranges are contaminated by high levels of lead that can cause poisoning not only among the users of shooting ranges but also their families. [Click For More

A garment manufacturer in American Samoa is facing a fine of $78,500 following an investigation of hazardous and squalid working conditions, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced today. [Click For More

Professionals in health and safety often need support in treating patients of chemical spills - The Haz-Map Database of Hazardous Chemicals and Occupational Diseases is now available on CD-ROM. [Click For More

On the phone was an elderly Kentucky woman who was frantic. Pesticides applied in her house by an exterminator were making her sick. Frank Davido of EPA's Office of Pesticides Programs was fielding her call. [Click For More

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today finalized its plan to delay until February a rule that would strengthen standards for arsenic, a known carcinogen, in drinking water. [Click For More

She dips the raw food she knows may be filled with toxins in soy sauce and swallows cubes of whale blubber and caribou meat. The bounty of the land that has nourished the Inuit against the cruelest of climates. [Click For More

A growing body of evidence suggests that chemical solvents in the workplace can cause illnesses such as liver failure, neurological damage and even cancer, but about 10 million Americans are still exposed to them. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Access TCA, Inc., a Whitinsville, Mass., manufacturer of trade show exhibits, for alleged willful, repeat and serious violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. [Click For More

Decades of unsafe handling of the chemical solvents used to clean locomotives is being blamed for causing brain damage to hundreds of railroad workers in Kentucky. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Federal Laboratories Corporation, of Alden, New York, and proposed penalties of $146,000 against the firm alleged failures to abate previously cited violations of OSHA standards. [Click For More

The nation's underground storage tanks continue to leak gasoline and other dangerous substances despite expensive federal efforts to stem those leaks. [Click For More

The National Advisory Committee for Acute Exposure Guideline Levels is developing AEGLs for 18 chemicals including phenol, acrylic acid, toluene, furan, and carbon monoxide. [Click For More

At least 550,000 tons of obsolete and unused pesticides threaten people and the environment in developing countries, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said in a report. [Click For More

Tennessee man admits illegally storing hazardous wastes - faces maximum sentence of up to five years in prison and/or fine of up to $250,000. [Click For More

At least 25 people were treated Tuesday at several hospitals for mild throat and lung irritations following a hazardous chemical release earlier in the afternoon at a General Chemical Corp. facility. [Click For More

Danger always is lurking for the Army's toxic materials handlers, who include Becky Webster, a 55-year-old grandmother in a rubber smock with a gas mask strapped to her hips. [Click For More

OSHA has issued citations to Future Foam Inc. in Middleton, Wis., with proposed penalties of $104,000 after workers were reportedly exposed to methylene chloride and TDI (toluene-2,4-diisocyanate). [Click For More

Women who are exposed to chemicals while working in research laboratories are less likely to become pregnant than women who work in other professions. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Global Protein Foods, Inc., and proposed penalties of $142,500 against the firm, alleging three willful, seven serious, and one alleged other-than-serious violation of OSHA standards. [Click For More

OSHA has cited The Amerifilm Corporation, Kearny, N.J., and proposed penalties of $197,250 against the firm, alleging five willful, 14 serious, and six other-than-serious violations of OSHA standards. [Click For More

In what may be one of the largest spills ever on the North Slope, 92,400 gallons of saltwater and crude oil leaked from a pipeline at the Kuparuk oil field. [Click For More

The United States will sign a global treaty calling for the elimination of a dozen highly toxic chemicals such as DDT and other pesticides. [Click For More

More than 900 people are suing IMC Global Inc., claiming its now-closed fertilizer plant contaminated the air, soil and water in the Arkwright community south of Spartanburg, South Carolina. [Click For More

Up to 15,000 people were being evacuated from their homes in northern France on Friday because of fears that a stockpile of World War I munitions could explode or leak toxic chemicals, including mustard gas. [Click For More

EPA said the amount of toxic releases in 1999, based on the newest data available in its annual toxic inventory report, jumped 5 percent from the year before to 7.8 billion pounds. [Click For More

OSHA has issued willful citations to the Laidlaw Transit Services district office in Commerce City, Colo. The citations carry a total of $123,000 in proposed penalties. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Spiral Industry, Inc., a Birmingham manufactured home builder, and fined the company $79,600 following investigation of a fatal accident. [Click For More

Manufacturers using an improved method of washing raw cotton will be exempt from the OSHA cotton dust standard except for recordkeeping and medical surveillance. [Click For More

A chemical compound associated with Scotchgard®, the popular stain and spill repellant made by the 3M Company, may be more widespread in the environment than originally thought. [Click For More

A federal trial opened Wednesday over claims the Monsanto Co. poisoned an Alabama community with toxic chemicals for decades and tried to cover up the problem. [Click For More

Saying it can't handle the flood of asbestos lawsuits, W.R. Grace & Co. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - taxpayers may get stuck with millions of dollars for cleaning up sites contaminated by the company. [Click For More

University of Texas School of Public Health study says levels of dioxin in the food supply are 22 times the maximum exposure suggested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. [Click For More

OSHA has cited a contractor on Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project, and proposed penalties of $69,000 for instances of employees being overexposed to crystalline silica. [Click For More

RAY REYNOLDS is dying at age 43 from toxins that seeped into his nerve cells from 16 years of working at a Texas chemical plant. Now it has spread to his brain. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Omega Wire, Inc., Williamstown, New York, and proposed penalties of $78,000 against the firm for alleged repeat, serious and other-than-serious violations of OSHA standards. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Freeport Brick, Freeport, Pa., for alleged violations of safety and health standards and proposed $180,300 in penalties. [Click For More

When a chemical is designed to kill something, it just makes common sense for people to consume as little of it as possible, regardless of what is deemed acceptable by regulatory agencies. [Click For More

Most Americans carry detectable amounts of plastics, pesticides and heavy metals in their blood and urine, including substances that may cause brain damage, reproductive problems, and cancer in animals. [Click For More

Two explosions at the BP Amoco Polymers plant in south Augusta, GA left three people dead. The workers were shutting down the Amodel unit for repairs when two explosions occurred simultaneously. [Click For More

The Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it will revoke a Clinton administration rule that would have sharply reduced the acceptable level of arsenic in drinking water. [Click For More

A federal judge has ruled that the Boeing and Cascade companies are liable for industrial solvent pollution close to Portland's drinking water wells. [Click For More

A widely used wood preservative, which helps keep children's playsets free from termites and protects picnic tables from rotting, is a health hazard. [Click For More

KIRKWOOD, NY - A 1991 chemical spill at a trucking business in the Kirkwood Industrial Park has left hazardous waste in the ground that is 3,000 to 6,000 times greater than state standards. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, and proposed penalties of $79,000 for two alleged repeat violations and 20 alleged serious violations of OSHA standards. [Click For More

One of every thousand high-risk Americans could develop cancer from the toxic chemical dioxin, according to a landmark study the Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to make official. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Mead Coated Board, Inc., and proposed penalties totaling $72,650 after an accidental release of hazardous hydrogen sulfide gas sent six employees to the hospital. [Click For More

Kam Industries, Inc., and its former general manager, were both charged with violating the Clean Water Act (CWA) and face a maximum $1,500,000 fine and possible maximum sentence of 11 years imprisonment. [Click For More

A unanimous Supreme Court sent a whiff of grapeshot across the bow of American industry when it upheld the government's right to set air pollution standards without regard to the cost of compliance. [Click For More

Of the Environmental Protection Agency's hit list of the nation's most toxic chemicals, arsenic ranks first. Since ancient times, the chemical has been regarded as a poison of choice. [Click For More

Tennessee firm and officers plead guilty to illegally burning hazardous solvent and paint wastes in a pit, face a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment and $867,000 in fines. [Click For More

Owners of a Kansas grain storage facility paid $685,000 in penalties for safety and health violations as part of a final settlement agreement approved by an administrative law judge, OSHA announced today. [Click For More

OSHA has cited AGC, Inc. of 140 Evansville Ave., Meriden, Conn., for alleged serious and other violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and has proposed penalties totaling $92,050 for those violations. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Union Foundry Company, Anniston, Ala., and proposed penalties totaling $181,200 for violations and exposures to silica dust and chemicals following the investigation of a fatality at the plant. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods, Inc., in Austin, Texas, with 34 alleged safety violations and proposed penalties totaling $161,550. [Click For More

Developers are offering upscale homes to prospective buyers with a surprising catch: Don't plant any fruit trees here. And contractors would be well-advised to wear haz-mat boots and coveralls. [Click For More

Houston employer fails to protect workers from asbestos, having them work at night in order to avoid detection, faces sentence of up to seven years in prison and/or a fine of up to $250,000. [Click For More

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- More than 13,000 workers from a former View-Master plant here may have been exposed to the toxic chemical TCE, or trichloroethylene. [Click For More

An old chemical dump has been leaking mercury and other toxic contaminants into groundwater and likely the Detroit River for more than two years. [Click For More

Magnesium Corporation of America, one of the nation's worst toxic polluters, will soon switch on new equipment that promises to remove the company's name from the nation's Top 10 toxic polluters list. [Click For More

From the 'How Ironic Can It Get?' Department - Several asbestos companies have joined together to file lawsuits against the tobacco giants, seeking reimbursement for past claims by sick workers. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Charles Beseler Co., Linden, New Jersey and proposed penalties totaling $78,000 against the firm., alleging thirty-four serious and five other-than-serious violations of OSHA standards. [Click For More

The U.S. Department of Labor has cited Falcon Plastics, Washington, Pa. for alleged violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, proposing $161,000 in penalties. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Alaco Sales, Inc., for 12 serious health violations and proposed penalties totaling $27,000 for over-exposing employees to high levels of methylene chloride at the company's Russellville plant. [Click For More

Chemical spurs chaos sending 21 people to the hospital, forcing the closure of the county landfill, and sending the emergency room at Oak Hill Hospital into disaster mode. [Click For More

The recent spraying of toxic pesticides on crops near a Ventura County school sickened some children and alarmed parents. It also highlighted a growing conflict between schools and agriculture. [Click For More

A pulp mill in North Florida's Taylor County is releasing 200 times more deadly dioxin than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers safe, according to newly released government test results. [Click For More

Canadian and Latin American researchers collaborated in the study that shows insecticides affect mental capacity. [Click For More

A GE Plastics plant in Alabama leaked highly toxic phosgene gas. GE uses phosgene in the manufacture of its Lexan plastic. [Click For More]

Emergency crews were still working this morning to clear a spill of anhydrous ammonia in the northwest corner of Calgary, Canada, the result of a three-car train derailment late Friday. [Click For More

OSHA has cited General Chemical Corporation Delaware Valley Works for alleged safety and health violations and proposed penalties totaling $487,000 after six employees were exposed to Hydrogen Fluoride. [Click For More

Employer and worker awareness of carbon monoxide dangers stressed-OSHA Cites two employers following carbon monoxide overexsposures at Chelsea, MA., meat wholesaler. [Click For More

Chemicals in checks, business forms linked to respiratory ills - Thirty years ago, workers in various unrelated fields started complaining to their employers of headaches and allergies. [Click For More

OSHA has cited General Chemical Corp. for 39 alleged safety and health violations carrying proposed penalties totaling $487,000. [Click For More

Ricky Rushing of Technic Services Inc., was sentenced to 57 months incarceration and ordered to pay a fine of $520,000 for illegally removing and disposing of asbestos. [Click For More

Airbag manufacturer will pay $17.6 million for illegally handling sodium azide, a toxic and potentially volatile compound, used to manufacture vehicle airbag restraint systems. [Click For More

Executives and a gasoline blending company have been indicted for changing data to made it appear as if 200-300 million gallons of substandard gasoline met EPA standards for cleaner burning fuel. [Click For More

OSHA cites Saw Pipes USA, Inc., a Texas pipe manufacturer for recordkeeping violations; proposes penalties of more than $500,000. [Click For More

Two former IBM workers who alleged that exposure to toxic fumes from computer chip manufacturing caused their son's birth defects have settled their lawsuit, the first of more than 200 such scheduled cases. [Click For More

The accidental spill of about 220,000 gallons of benzene, toluene and xylene spilled into a pond at the Nova Chemical plant near the St. Clair River has renewed efforts to establish a water monitoring system. [Click For More

The Department of Justice filed suit against Magnesium Corporation of America, charging that the mineral mining company is illegally handling hazardous waste at its magnesium production plant. [Click For More

The EPA today reduced public health risks from arsenic in the nation's drinking water by establishing a new arsenic standard for drinking water at 10 parts per billion (ppb), down from the current 50 ppb level. [Click For More

In the last six months, 18 current and former city inmates - 13 women and five men - have sued over injuries purportedly caused by exposure to leaked or dumped perchloroethylene. [Click For More

Those clouds of manmade fog that dazzle audiences nightly at operas, concerts and Broadway shows around the country may be doing more than creating atmosphere... [Click For More

River Valley's middle school and high school were built in 1962 on 78 acres where the military used to burn or bury tons of highly toxic chemicals. [Click For More

The U.S. EPA has expanded the information available to the public about lead emissions by lowering the reporting threshold to 100 pounds or more annually for each facility emitting lead and lead compounds. [Click For More

Sipping industrial solvents may not be everyone's idea of a good time, but apparently the practice is on the rise, as a calorie-and-hangover-free-alcohol substitute gains favor at parties around the country. [Click For More

According to new research, pollutants that are less than one-fifth the width of a strand of hair can deal death blows to residents of big cities and obscure views for thousands of miles. [Click For More

Contractors cited by OSHA for alleged safety and health violations on brick repointing project at Suny Buffalo in Amherst; workers were exposed to silica and other hazards – penalties total $176,620 [Click For More

OSHA issues $174,000 penalty against van leer containers, inc., La Porte, Texas; company agrees to correct violations and pay penalty. [Click For More

EPA will hold a public meeting in Orlando, Fla. on Jan.17 to gather information and public comments on risks and mitigation for the organophosphate pesticide fenthion. [Click For More

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Southwestern Wire, Inc., of Norman, Okla. for alleged safety and health violations and proposed penalties of $138,150. [Click For More

Thirteen workers at at James J. Derba Inc., a wholesale food company, fell ill to carbon monoxide poisoning after using a forklift powered by propane gas in an enclosed refrigerated room. [Click For More

As part of EPA's ongoing efforts to protect children from lead poisoning, the Agency has announced tough, new standards to identify dangerous levels of lead in paint, dust and soil. [Click For More

A small methamphetamine lab can be set up in a home in a day with a few thousand dollars of over-the-counter chemicals and glassware, but the effects of the contamination in the house can be felt for years afterward. [Click For More

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