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Directory of Environmental Software Suppliers
The 1999 Safety & Health Software Census

MSDS Services
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1Jump 1Jump's MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Directory provides information on over 264,000 industrial products, including the full MSDS.
3E   Scanned image database of over 1.5 million product-specific MSDSs and related HazMat/Chemical Information.  Have Hazmat response capabilities.
Actio Software Corporation MSDS subscription and chemical management services via the Internet.
Advanced Chemical Safety Offer Hazard Communication Plans
Auto-Graphics, Inc. MSDScat is a subscription service that provides a single source database of MSDS sheets specifically for the HVACR industry.
Ballyhoo Web Service Inc. Design and hosting of MSDS web sites.
BC Hydro International BC Hydro provides a complete internet based system taking care of all your MSDS needs. Additional features include customized search capabilities, reports, product location binding, workplace labels, and TDGs. The system is very easy to use with unlimited access and produces high quality MSDSs
Business & Legal Reports, Inc. BLR publishes approximately 250 different books, CD-ROMs, newsletters, booklets and posters that serve professionals in human resources, safety training, OSHA compliance, and environmental management.
Cambridge Services Group Reviews and evaluates manufacturers or suppliers MSDSs for completeness, interprets MSDSs and correlates findings into the Hazard Communication Program, prepares MSDSs, compiles MSDSs into binders or provides Site Manager computer for employee access.
Chemical Check GmbH Specifications and printing of hazardous substances labels, shipping specifications for different carriers, data searches in over 100 data bases, expert opinions, instructions for use, EC safety data sheets in 13 languages, US MSDS. One a few firms in Germany to offer workplace-related instructions for use of products, including illustrations and translations.
Chemical Management Associates, Inc. Provide MSDS chemical Inventory Reports.
ChemReport, Inc. Develop on-line MSDS databases.
Chem-Tel, Inc. 24-hour DOT, OSHA, IATA, ICAO, HAZMAT COMPLIANT Emergency Response Phone Service providing MSDS database maintenance, MSDS internet services, MSDS writing, MSDS translations, MSDS Upon Demand, customized disaster based coordination, and a variety of customized telephone/reporting based services.
Compliance Professionals, Inc.

Provide training, inspection/testing, fire plans, hazardous materials, and MSDS Programs.

Compsolve Inc. Provides customized MSDS logs, tailored specifically for your company.
Conform-Action Data Systems CADS Web Enabled Software makes it fast and easy to get your MSDS's on the Web. CADS also offers French translations of your MSDSs.
CSC, Inc. MSDS/OSHA Management (MOM) system provides a web-based compliance, chemical tracking and reporting program that requires only an internet connection, browser and password to access all necessary information from the corporate level down to the work station.
Damarco Solutions MSDS management services to the makers and users of chemical products, 24 hour access to MSDS via phone, fax, internet and customized medical and environmental incident data collection and regulatory reporting.
Datacat, Inc. MSDS subscription service by web or on CD-ROM.
Diversified Petrochemical Services Company, Inc. Can help secure and maintain MSDS files and assist in keeping files current.
Edward G. Ezrailson, Ph.D. Label and material safety data sheet (MSDS) evaluation. Provide software applications, comprised of programs, policies, procedures and databases, EHS training programs, training management, EHS consulting, legal advice, insurance, and EHS products
Empyrean Consulting Group, Inc. Hazard Communication training programs.
EnviroBusiness, Inc. Provide MSDS management services.
Environmental Assessment Services MSDS management and Right-To-Know training Services
FastSEARCH Corporation Provide 250,000 MSDSs on CD-ROM.
Fax Bureau, Inc. Offers MSDSFax, a fast, reliable and cost effective outsourcing service that puts MSDSs, and any other product specification or documentation sheets onto a 24 hour a day, totally automated, interactive fax response service.
Future Trends EHS Offer written Hazard Communication and training programs. 3E's online MSDS management service
Graphic Systems, Inc. Chem-View CD-ROM, updated quarterly for the printing industry.
Gulf Publishing Company Offer videotape production with top-quality programming focused on training, information, and promotion.
HEALTHCOM Services HEALTHCOM® and PROSAR combined forces to bring a health and safety information management service to the pharmaceutical industry providing an Internet-accessible Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Repository along with other professional services to meet regulatory requirements for safe product handling and distribution.
Home Building Manuals Provides written safety and health manuals that include, Safety and Health Policy Statement, Training Program , MSDS Responsibilities, Supervisor & Employee Responsibilities, Safety Inspection Checklists, Orientation & Training Responsibilities, etc.
Hoover Consultants A multi-disciplinary group that provides services in toxicology, quality assurance, CLIA compliance (clinical labs), product safety, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), product labeling, regulatory compliance, and pesticide registrations.
IDCware Inc. Interactive Training Software for Compliance with the OSHA Standard
Image Wave Corporation ImageWave Corporation MSDS Management, MSDS Authoring, Environmental Reporting (SARA 313 & TIER II), MSDS Database, 350,000 + MSDSs on CD-Rom, MSDS Hosting Service, MSDS Management Service, Chemical Inventory Tracking, Container Label Printing
INCA Environmental, Inc. Offer full MSDS management services, software, and Hazard Communication training programs.
Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporated Training programs such as Health and Safety Training that cover topics like lockout/tagout, confined space entry, fume hood use, Right to Know Laws and Chemical Hygiene Plan Training to certify that your employees understand your chemical hygiene plan.
International Compliance Center
Re-write MSDSs to ensure that they are compliant. Offer different types of training (WHMIS, TDGR, DOT, CFR49), training aids, label software, create labels, placards for transport, and other Environment, Health and Safety products.
Kaar Construction Management Services, LLC Provides assistance with: types of hazards, reading MSDS sheets, what to do if an accident occurs, how to inventory materials, how to label, develop and maintain a program. Video, administrative materials, software templates (if chosen), and five employee handbooks.
Kelly Registration Systems Complete "Fax-on-Demand" capabilities for MSDS's.
LEHDER Environmental Services Limited MSDS World provides a complete solution to Material Safety Data Sheet management and distribution which can author MSDS's, generate a database of MSDS's, catalogue MSDS's, and deliver MSDS's via the Internet, Intranet, or CD.
Lisam Systems Lisam est un système permettant la creation de nombreux documents pré-formatés pour vos produits (fiches de données de sécurité, étiquettes, fiches techniques, documents de transport, documents pour les centres Anti-poison, etc.). Ces documents sont conformes aux législations nationales et internationales et seront distribués aux destinataires dans leur langue.
MedSafe, Inc. MSDSdirect provides manufacturers and distributors with the ability to publish their Material Safety Data Sheets quickly and easily on the internet.
MICROMEDEX Offers an electronic MSDS solution designed to facilitate a successful MSDS management program by maintaining and distributing MSDS and ensuring employee Right-to-Know standards are met.
MSDSCompliance MSDSCompliance online is a web-based MSDS management system that allows facilities to maintain file cabinets of Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) that are automatically updated. DTC (Danish Toxicology Center)-WEB-hosting offers access to Safety Data Sheets prepared by DTC for our clients. The Safety Data Sheets will always be updated in accordance with the latest legislation. DTC-WEB-hosting is based on a subscription arrangement for the membership companies.
MSDS World Division of LEHDER Environmental Services Limited Develop MSDS's from data provided and research, source supplier MSDSs, publish company or supplier MSDSs on the Internet, provide MSDSs on CD or electronically for network or Intranet, manage database of MSDSs for regulatory updates, and design, host and maintain web sites for MSDSs.
Northeast MSDS MSDS audit and maintenance services.
Oshaguard Provides complete OSHA compliance service for medical and dental offices including staff training, customized written plans, and all of the required Material Safety Data Sheets.
Pacific Management Services OSHA " Right -To-Know" Laws, hazardous materials management plans, hazardous waste requirements, emergency response & safety plans, NFPA labeling, MSDSs and employee training.
Penwell Hazard communication and MSDS training on CD-ROM.
Perceptrix Offers a CD-ROM publishing service, International Chemical Database, and MSDS authoring software.
Product Awareness Consulting MSDS research, Inventory of chemical products, Substance evaluations, HMIS/NFPA-criteria hazard ratings, Reports on chemical health-effects, Less-toxic product substitutions, Written HazCom programs, and Hazard communication (hazcom) training. Specializing in onsite training and hazcom program development services.
Prosar Provides solutions for managing and maintaining electronic vendor MSDSs, distributes product MSDSs and manages adverse incidents through a 24-hour medical emergency and health and safety call center.
QuesTech MSDS Authoring, maintenance, management and training services.
Remediation Support Services, Inc. Offers on site assessments to answer questions like: Do you know where your MSDS sheets are? Do your employees? Can you and your employees "demonstrate competency" when required to do so by OSHA, EPA and DOT standards?
Safety Systems Develops and implements OSHA Recordkeeping Databases, including the OSHA 200 Log, Lock Out/Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Employee Training Records, OSHA Lab Standard, and Employee Right to Know/MSDS Programs.
Sentinel MSDS Management Services - SofTrac, LLC Software installed onsite with MSDS library.  MSDS indexed, archive established, regulatory data generated, and reports (Workplace Chemical List) provided.  User interfaces with SofTrac via to maintain library, and obtain updates.
Solutions Software Corporation Provide three CD-ROM set containing fully indexed Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for over 225,000 products.
superfactory Best practice resources enabling lean manufacturing excellence.
Text-Trieve Software Division of Labelmaster Offers electronic publishing of federal and state regulatory information.
Trade Service Corporation MSDS on DemandTM provides access to library of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), delivered on demand via FAX for the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration supplies industries.
Training Systems, Inc. Online Document Management System to demonstrate how to provide a quick and efficient way to access data across a company's Intranet through the use of HTML.
V*Channel Provides MSDS Fax back services.
Virtual Compliance, Inc. Work with you to build your exclusive online library of MSDS. MSDS's are indexed for easy search, available for access by employees, or for distribution via a link off your website to customers and other partners.
Welcor Inc. MSDS management and safety training solutions.
WinStar Telebase Inc. Online database of 49,000 MSDSs - charge $30.00 per record.
W J Smith & Associates Inc. Written hazard communication plans and MSDS management services.


MSDS Authoring & Translation
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3D Word, Inc. Offers MSDS translation, interpretation and instruction services.
AAA Translators, Inc. MSDS translation service offers over 1000 translators and 150 languages and dialects
A&L Spanish Translations Professional, fully accredited translation services, focusing on Spanish
Albany TransComm International Provide expert language support into and out of all of the languages of: European Union (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish), Northern & Eastern Europe (Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, etc.), Asia and the Pacific Rim (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Maylay, etc.), North and South America (All dialects of French & Spanish)
Clarity MSDS Translations Offers a translation service for MSDSs into any language. Particularly strong in East European languages
Compliance Consulting Group, Inc. CCG develops MSDSs in compliance with the latest federal and state regulations and assists in the development of procedures to provide and track MSDSs as they are sent to downstream commercial customers.
Comprehensive Database, Inc. Professional consulting engineers that specialize in writing MSDS and product labels in English, French, and Spanish.
Cornerstone Logic, Inc. MSDS Unlimited system is a Material Safety Data Sheet authoring package that can provide multi-lingual language translations to help you with those international customers.
CTL Engineering, Inc.  Offer MSDS preparation services.
Dr Teresa Goscinska Translation Company Polish Native Translator Engineer with PhD in Chemistry & Material Engineering specializing in : chemistry, material engineering, general physics and general technical fields, business, commerce, medicine, general translation., MSDS
Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd Data review and preparation of WHMIS, OSHA/ANSI material safety data sheets and  labels in English, French, and Spanish.
Dixon Servicios Lingüísticos, S.L. Dixon Servicios Lingüísticos, SL, a leader among Spanish translation agencies, provides a wide range of professional translation, interpretation, localisation and multilingual desktop publishing services in more than 40 languages.
Equality Translation Services MSDSs, CoAs, Labels, Transport and Handling Regulations, SOPs, QA/QC, GLPs, and other documentation. Translation of entire databases used to automatically generate documents.
Fleming Technical DataEase Chip2 module allows for the rapid generation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), using a simple fill-in-the-blanks approach. Extensive use of choice fields (choices may be customised as required) provides consistency of appearance AND eliminates spelling errors. The resulting data sheet contains all of the mandatory sections.
Frank Logullo MSDS Consultant Retired DuPont Regulatory Affairs Consultant - Ph.D. in organic chemistry - will write your MSDSs for you.
Global Language Translation and Consulting MSDS translation services.
GlobalTox Prepares up-to-date MSDSs documentation and creates labels for the Canadian divisions of American companies. Can modify existing U.S. MSDSs to comply with Canadian regulations, including French Translation.
Image Wave Corporation ImageWave Corporation MSDS Management, MSDS Authoring, Environmental Reporting (SARA 313 & TIER II), MSDS Database, 350,000 + MSDSs on CD-Rom, MSDS Hosting Service, MSDS Management Service, Chemical Inventory Tracking, Container Label Printing
Info-Tox International Offer review of the art material product formulations, required by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) under Labeling of the Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA) are done by our experienced Board Certified Toxicologist.
International Product Safety Management, Inc. Develops MSDSs to meet the specific standards of  US/Canadian, Mexican, European Union, Australian, and   South Korean regulations. Offers translations in Danish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, and Norwegian
J-Tech Translations Japanese - English Technical Translation
Mandava Associates MSDS preparation and management.
MSDS Writer Service writes MSDSs that follow OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200(g) regulatory requirements and can usually have your MSDS written and sent to you within 24 hours.
MSDS Translation MSDS translation service English/Korean - Korean/English.
Okada & Sellin Translations, LLC A full service MSDS language translation and interpretation agency working with all major European and Asian languages.
Perelandra Systems, Inc. CLaM MSDS System allows you to print an MSDS immediately after creating or modifying a formula. You don't need to create a MSDS for the new formula - it is generated automatically pulling its warning messages directly from the hazardous materials.
Pro-Active Translations, Inc. Technical language translations of MSDS data, package inserts, and education materials available in 60 different languages.
RCS, Inc (Regulatory Compliance Services) MSDS preparation, publication, and training.
Safety Analysis Systems Co. StongWare software provides templates for MSDS authoring in MS Word or Access.
Safety Data Sheets Author and edit, revise and update per the ANSI format, offer advice on format & content, and computerize MSDSs
Schiff Consulting MSDS and label preparation.
Spanish Interpretation & Translation MSDS translations produced by a native speaker and full time experienced freelance interpreter and translator.
Talos MSDS Authoring System Redshift Technologies, Inc., offers Talos, a cost-effective Material Safety Data Sheet authoring tool that provides flexibility and ease-of-use for EHS professionals who create, administer, and maintain MSDSs.
Translink Translations Translink offers translation services from and into more than 20 Western and Eastern European languages, plus American English and Brazilian Portuguese.


MSDS Training 
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ABS Group, Inc. Receive a detailed overview of chemistry and its basic principles, chemical nomenclature, chemical reactions, and how it applies to your regulatory compliance programs under the various environmental, health, and safety laws.
American CPR Training Offers training programs for HAZMAT, HAZWOPER, MSDS, and AHERA.
@ware On line OSHA Hazard Communication Training will help your employees know what to do to improve their health both on and off the job and train them on safe work practices.
Business Training Systems, Inc. Video training for understanding hazard communication, MSDSs, labels and other forms of warnings, and health and physical hazards.
Cleavenger Compliance Training and Consulting, Inc. Provide Right-To-Know training videos and an MSDS Center wall mounted rack.
CompCall Ltd. Offers safety programs and WHMIS training.
CoreMedia Training Solutions Inc. Program instructs employees on using an MSDS including terms and concepts, identifying and controlling hazards, reviewing exposure limits and chemical characteristics, and safe handling practices.
Danatec Educational Services Ltd. WHMIS training programs and videos.
D.J. Cravotta, Inc. Compliance Science written safety programs, safety training classes, and custom training materials.
EcoSafe Ltd. Offer hazardous materials training in New Zealand
EMR Consulting Hazard Communication and other training courses.
EnVectra Offers Hazard Communication and MSDS training programs.
Environmental Development Corporation Employee Right-To-Know training on video for vehicle maintenance and constructions industries - covers MSDSs, hazards of workplace chemicals, protective measures, accident procedures and first aid.
Environmental Investigations Offer one-day course designed to provide the participant with a working knowledge of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200. The course covers a review of the OSHA standard, definition of terms, elements of material safety data sheets (MSDS), labeling, and key components of a hazard communication program.
Environmental Resource Center MSDS consulting services, Hazard Communication Training, and MSDS development.
Entech, Inc. CD-ROM based interactive Hazard Communication training. Offer free online training courses for Hazard Communication, Personal Protection Equipment, Back Safety, and Forklift Operation and Safety.
Hazard Alert Training & Supplies Canada Inc. WHMIS Training and Compliance Materials, TDG Training and Compliance Materials, Environmental, OH&S and WCB Training and Compliance Materials.
Health and Safety Authority Online training package which shows you what information can be found about a chemical from the MSDS - requires Shockwave plug-in for Authorware.
Innovative Safety Training Systems Computer based Hazard Communication training system.
Interactive Learning Paradigms, Incorporated Offer prepackaged and custom distance learning solutions for your corporate training plan.
J.B. Ruck & Associates, Ltd. Hazard communication and other training programs.
J.F.Young International Customized training including WHMIS, labels, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Legislation, and Health and Safety.
LearningByte International Offer CD-ROM, Internet and Intranet Hazard Communication training course covering all major aspects of the standard including the written program, labeling requirements, reading MSDS, training requirements, specific health and physical hazard concerns and real-life situations.
Long Island Productions, Inc. Over 1,200 safety and human resource videos and CD-ROMs to help you provide comprehensive and cost-effective safety training for your employees.
ManageMen ManageMen® Beyond Compliance employee safety training program uses a "due diligence" approach to complying with Federal, state and local regulations related to hazardous chemicals used in cleaning and maintenance departments.
MARCOM Group. Ltd. Provides Videos, CD-ROMs, Booklets, and Posters for hazard communication and safety training.
Mastery Technologies, Inc. Hazard Communication and Industrial Safety Training Courses on CD-ROM (MPEG)
McKay Training Videos Courses from the Marcom safety CD-ROM series.
Momentum IT Group, Inc. Momentum eLearning offers site-specific, work-specific WHMIS & Other safety programs online.
Moxie Media, Inc. 23-minute training video designed to provide training to emergency response personnel and plant workers who may use material safety data sheets.
OSHA DATA A public record information reporting service which offers online and preprogrammed reports of federal regulatory compliance, hazard communication training videos, and software.
PennWell Publishing Corp. Videotaped program teaches employees how to use MSDS information for a safer and more productive work environment.
Pragmatic Training Solutions (Rae Stonehouse & Associates) Pragmatic Training Solutions offers a three and a half hour on-site W.H.M.I.S. Basic Education Program that includes all training material, course content tests, worker certificates on completion, and records of completion for worker personnel files.
Project T.E.A.C.H., Inc. Interactive safety training delivered over the web. Online Hazard Communication training
Safety Advantage LLC Safety Training videos.
Safety Consulting and Training Services Offers Hazard Communication (MSDS, labeling, worker right-to-know) training on CD-ROM.
Safety Management Corporation The WorkSafe System is a complete, computer based, interactive Safety and Health Management Program that you customize yourself.
Safety Watch, Inc. Hazard Communication training and MSDS services for the Medical/Dental office. Offers workplace safety training delivered via the Internet using streaming audio & video, slide presentation, and testing to deliver a powerful learning experience.
Sullivan Environmental Solutions, LLC. Hazard Communication training, consultation, and compliance audits. Land and shipboard programs.
TWI Press, Inc. ANSI MSDS training, Right-To-Know, and many other safety offerings on CD-ROM.
Watson Enterprises Dental Office Management series describes 1. Supplies (classifications, purchasing, and quantity), 2. Inventory Systems (computerized and manual, how to set up and maintain), 3. Ordering and Receiving (usage, shelf life, prices, delivery, packing slips and invoices, back orders, statements and credit memos, MSDS, and stocking), and 4. Repairs (reporting and minimizing breakdowns). Offers an online WHMIS Learning Management System Training courses romote basic sound industrial practices and are designed for initial and refresher industrial employee training to satisfy many of the safety, health and environmental regulations of various agencies.


MSDS Products
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EMC Insurance Companies Offer Safety signs and videos for customers.
Genium MSDS Poster explains what information is found in each section of the MSDS and describes how this information is used to protect people and the environment from the hazards of the material.
G.Neil Companies MSDS Compliance Poster "MSDS Made Easy" - Laminated poster simplifies MSDS and explains the dangers of chemicals in the workplace.
Hazard Alert Training & Supplies Helpful compliance materials include WHMIS Compliance Manual, WHMIS Audit Manual, WHMIS Symbol Cards & Posters, MSDS Stations, Binders and Labels.
Jannel Packaging, Inc. Self adhering packing list envelopes for MSDSs.
J H Bertrand, Inc. Offer "booklet labels" - booklets or pamphlets piggy backed or encapsulated on a pressure sensitive web for regulatory, multilingual and promotional information.
Kitterman Plastics, Inc. MSDS Display/Podium and Lectern may be used as a wall mount, table-top or free-standing unit to display MSDSs to employees.
Labor Law Posters USA Federal & State labor law posters to make your business fully compliant for your mandatory labor law postings required by the US Department of Labor and your local State Government.
Leading Edge Technologies  (Visual Workplace) Customized MSDS warning and information signs.
LHR Services and Equipment, Inc. Right-To-Know/MSDS Stations to display MSDSs to employees.
North Coast Tape & Label Pressure sensitive labels
OSHA Occupational Health and Safety Group A toolkit/manual of safety policies, procedures, forms and information.
Seton Identification Products MSDS Binder, MSDS Job Site Binder, MSDS Collection on CD-ROM, MSDS Station Sign, Outdoor MSDS Storage Center, Economy Right-To-Know Center, Right-to-Know Training Center, MSDS Training Poster, MSDS Pocket Guide, Right To Know Poster, Right To Know Workstand
The Heaton Group Hazard Communication Plan, Policy, and Procedure Manual
UV Process Supply, Inc. SAF-T-CURE™ Safety Signs in the workplace can help prevent accidents by informing the employee of the potential hazard.


Top  Software  Services Auth & Trans  Training  Products
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Directory of Environmental Software Suppliers Names and addresses of environmental software suppliers courtesy of Hazardous Materials Management Magazine
EHSfreeware Free software and tools from EHSfreeware's on-line databases of information, downloadable software, and lots of other interesting resources related to the environment, health & safety - all at no cost.
The 1999 Safety & Health Software Census Advanced Personnel Systems' directory to over 200 safety and health software vendors


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Directory of Environmental Software Suppliers
The 1999 Safety & Health Software Census


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